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The #FIGHT BACK COVID-19, is an open-innovation challenge, created by Jaiz Bank to spur scientists, engineers, developers, inventors and social entrepreneurs to ideate, experiment and build products/solutions to help address the Covid-19 crisis in the country


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This challenge is open to individuals and multi-disciplinary teams of not more than four individuals. There is no restriction based on age, gender, faith and nationality.

Entry Procedure


Application Form

Submit your project through the #Jaizcares online form before the deadline and be sure to answer all of the questions on the submission form. This and other information related to your submission will be treated consistent with extant national data privacy policy.
Each application can accommodate up to two projects/products and contestants are encouraged to make submission under the two categories (“Fight against Covid-19” and “Post-pandemic rapid economic sustainability”) wherever possible. While submitting a bundle of two projects/products is not compulsory, but the chances of success will be remarkably enhanced with solutions on both sides (“Fight against COVID-19” and “Post- pandemic economic sustainability”).


A pitch deck of not more than 25 slides  

 Guidance Note

Only short-listed entries will be contacted and notified about the next step in the selection process by our panel of Judges. If you did not hear from us , it means your application has not made to the top ten.

Note: Only short-listed entries will be contacted and notified about the next steps in the selection process by our panel of Judges.



A link of uploaded video of a walk-through of your solution via YouTube or Vimeo. By submitting a video, you are acknowledging that your entry may be used to promote the #FIGHT BACK COVID-19 Challenge, without extra obligation to you. Videos should be a maximum of 3 minutes long. For any submission longer than 3 minutes, only the first three minutes of the video will be evaluated.


The challenge shall run for three weeks and the top ten entries submitted by the deadline shall be shortlisted into the first qualifying round (Quarter-Finals). The ten teams shall virtually pitch to a panel of judges to compete for eight slots in the Semi-Finals. Six best teams that emerge from the Semi-Finals shall proceed to the final round. The Finals’ pitch shall produce the winning project and three runner-ups.


Abdulkader Thomas    Abdulkader Thomas (Co-Chair)
Abdulkader Thomas is the President and CEO of Shape Financial Corp. based in Kuwait. He has over 30 years of diversified financial services experience in major markets including Bahrain, New York, London, Los Angeles and Washington DC. His areas of activity have included trade finance, real estate finance, securities and alternative finance at various global and regional financial institutions. As the General Manager of a foreign bank in New York, he was responsible for securing the first US banking regulatory approvals of alternative financial instruments in the mortgage and instalment credit/sale as banking instruments. Later as the founding member of a de novo bank project, he secured Us regulatory approval for Islamic finance profit sharing deposits. He is an international authority on Islamic finance deal structures and securities. Abdulkader is an accomplished author with best-selling titles such as Managing Fund Flows, Risks and Derivatives: Applications in Islamic Finance (Sweet & Maxwell, 2012). He serves as a Director of Al-Khabeer Capital in Jedda, Vice Chairman and Director of Al-Khabeer International in Bahrain and acts as a member of Advisory Committee of Experts to a number of institutions including the Securities Commission, Malaysia and Sterling Alternative Finance, Nigeria. Abdulkader fluently speaks English, Arabic, French and Spanish.
Dr Wiebe Boer    Dr Wiebe Boer (Chair)
Currently, Dr Boer is the Chief Executive Officer of All On (an impact investment company started with seed funding from Shell Petroleum Dev. Co.). He joined the team from the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), where he was one of the founders of the strategy firm's Lagos office. Prior to BCG, Dr Boer spent five years with the Heirs Holdings Group in Lagos, playing roles including Chief of Staff to the Chairman, Director of Strategy, and CEO of the Tony Elumelu Foundation. Dr Boer has also worked in the Rockefeller Foundation's Africa Regional Office in Nairobi, McKinsey & Company, and with World Vision Mauritania where he managed a USAID funded development project. Previously, Dr. Boer has been a member of the advisory boards of Digital Divide Data (DDD) Kenya and IC Publications, and has served on the board of the African Grantmakers Network as well as several Nigerian companies such as Avon Health Care Limited. He also served on the board of the Africapitalism Institute.
Modupe    Ms Modupe Ladipo
Modupe Ladipo is a financial inclusion expert and financial sector development specialist, with over 25 years’ diverse experience in development, financial services and the food industry. She was the first Executive Director/CEO of Enhancing Financial Innovation & Access (EFInA), and is one of the pioneers of financial inclusion in Nigeria. Prior to joining EFInA, Ms. Ladipo worked in the UK, predominantly in investment banking. Her experience includes mergers & acquisitions, retail and institutional brokerage, capital markets, developing & implementing corporate strategies and product development. She has worked for Tata Consultancy Services, Merrill Lynch, ABN AMRO, the London Stock Exchange and Credit Suisse Financial Products. Modupe holds a Master’s in Business Administration from Manchester Business School and B.Eng. in Chemical Engineering from University College, London.
She is the Managing Partner of Prosperar Development Consulting. She also held the following non-executive positions - Chair of EFInA’s Board; Senior Adviser, Islamic Finance Council UK; and Legatum Institute Fellow.
Rich Pelrine    Rich Pelrine
Mr. Pelrine has over 25 years consulting experience in Africa. He currently works as Team Leader to a three year agricultural finance project in Nigeria. Prior to this he was the Lead Regional Economist for West and Central Africa for the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) until November 2018. The position at IFAD followed eight years as an owner and Director of the consulting company INSPIRED International from 2007 to 2015. He has taught and published in the fields of Agribusiness Finance and Agribusiness Development. Mr. Pelrine has worked as long term technical lead on high profile programs in Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda for multiple bilateral and multilateral donors. His specialization over the past years has trended toward economic inclusion of rural people, particularly youth; formalization of economic relationships to enhance predictability of incomes for poorer members of the society; analysis of agribusiness markets for strategic value chain development; agribusiness finance; risk management; and start up institutions and businesses. Mr. Pelrine holds degrees from The University of Massachusetts in Anthropology and Agricultural Economics; and from the Institute of Social Studies in Rural Policy and Project Planning. He is currently a doctoral candidate at the University of Stellenbosch’s Faculty of Agricultural Economics.
FahdAliyu.png    Fahad Aliyu
Fahad Garba Aliyu is a business development professional with years of experience across banking, non-profit, customer relationship and project management. He is an MBA and MSc holder from Hult International Business School and Middlesex University respectively. Fahad is a serial social entrepreneur who believes in building sustainable social systems for community development. Since 2012, he has worked with Water for Sustainable Living Initiative (WAFSLI) providing new sources of portable water in rural communities across Nigeria. He led Likeminds Project to pilot Youth Empowerment Livelihood Program (YELP) scheme where Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) were empowered with skills. He also led #Road2Peace, in collaboration with Irish Embassy in Nigeria, where the Irish Ambassador toured Nigerian Universities sharing lessons from the Northern Ireland peace process. Fahad worked with the Office of the Vice President of Nigeria, creating training programmes for start-ups improving lives affected by Boko Haram insurgency. As the National Director of Hult Prize Nigeria, he oversaw a global competition targeting students with disruptive and scalable ideas that can solve key social challenges. As a young African passionate about entrepreneurship on the continent, he is the founder and Executive Director of Ignite Africa, a Pan-African Accelerator Platform working towards shaping the future of our continent through its youth, one project at a time, one community at a time and one sector at a time.
Rasheed Adegoke    Rasheed Adegoke
Rasheed is the Chief Executive Officer of Algorism Limited. He is a technology strategist and business executive with hands-on expertise in the design and delivery of high-performance information technology and business process improvement solutions to address complex business problems. His core competence are in Information Technology, Process Improvement, Strategic Planning, Operations Management, Project and Change management, and Organisational restructuring. Rasheed was a former CIO at First Bank and United Bank for Africa. He has over two decades experience working with successful businesses especially in Financial Services, and Oil & Gas industries.
UbaidurRahmaan    Ubaidurrahman Suleiman
Ubaidurrahman is currently the CEO of Brycoal (an agri-waste to green energy company), he is an innovator and social entrepreneur passionate about the environment and democratizing energy access across rural communities. A millennial with passion for Social Entrepreneurship. Ubaid was a 2019 Hult Prize regional winner and represented Nigeria at the Hult Prize accelerator at Ashridge, United Kingdom.


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3.Name of Group or Company (if registered) *
6. In which country are you currently operating from? *
4.Project Overview  *
7.Select the sector(s) your project(s) focuses on  *
Renewable energy
8. In which country are you going to have your production base? *
Nigeria Others
9. How long have you been in business from the day of incorporation? *
Not yet incorporated 0-6 months 6-12 months Above 1 year
10. How much monthly revenue are you currently generating? *
N0-5k N5k-50k N50k-200k
N200k-500k N500k +
11. What is the ownership structure of your Company? *
12. How many founders does your business have? *
1-5 6-10 11-20 more than 20
13. How many employees does your business have *
No employees, just founders 1-2 2-5 6-10 more than 10
14.What are the goals of your business for the next 6 months? *
15.What would winning the Fightback COVID-19 Challenge do for your business? *
16.One fun fact about your company or anything else you would like us to know?
17.Pitch deck (Powerpoint Slides) (Max upload: 10MB, Allowed File type:.ppt/pptx). *  Guidance Note
18.Video link

What you stand to WIN!

The prize includes equity funding, credit line to fund commercialization and business incubation services

Frequently asked questions

Q1. What is the Challenge about?
It is an open-innovation challenge sponsored by Jaiz Bank PLC to spur scientists, engineers, developers, inventors and social entrepreneurs to ideate, experiment and build products/solutions to help address the Covid-19 crisis in Nigeria.
Q2. What is the scope of the Challenge?
Idea-driven entrepreneurs and innovators are expected to come up with ideas, products and services that can help Nigeria effectively fight Covid-19. These solutions could include, but are not limited to the following themes: a. Relevant medical devices/equipment
b. Treatment and diagnosis development
c. Software/Artificial Intelligence in contact tracing/containment strategies
d. Livelihood and sustainable economic development of the populace post-Covid-19
e. Any other area that will support the fight against Covid-19 from a social enterprise perspective.
Q3. How can one enrol for the Challenge?
Each applicant is required to:
a. Complete the application
b. Upload power point presentation    See Guidance
c. Upload a short video clip, maximum of 3 minutes long (optional)
Q4. Are there conditions attached to receiving the winning prize?
Details of the funding agreement will be shared with the shortlisted applicants. Q5. Are there consolation prizes for other finalists?
Yes. Apart from the 1st prize of N50million, there are also other prizes: 2nd Position (N40million); 3rd Position (N20million) and 4th Position (N15million). Q6. Must I have a company before applying for the Challenge?
No, but you need to register a company with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria.
Q7. Do I have to be resident in Nigeria to apply?
No, but you have to implement your solution in Nigeria. The prize shall only be paid through a company that is registered in Nigeria.
Q8. Is the pitching session going to be physical, where is the venue?
The pitch is going to hold virtually. Date and details will be communicated to successful applicants.
Q9. When is the deadline for application?
Submission of application closes on 13th of May 2020 at 11:59PM.
Q10. How much time is allotted for the pitching session?
Pitching guidelines will be shared with shortlisted applicants. However, you will find it useful to start practicing to pitch within 5 minutes.
Q11. Does a fully functioning prototype need to be finished by the application deadline of May 13th of May?
No. Apart from fully developed prototypes, proven concepts are as well acceptable.
Q12. Do the team members need to have a Jaiz Bank account to participate?
Subsisting banking relationship with Jaiz Bank is not a prerequisite to participate in the challenge.
Q13. What type of organizations or individuals are eligible for the Challenge? Are non-Nigerians eligible?
The Challenge is open to citizens from other countries provided the team has at least a Nigeria citizen as member.
Q14. Is the Prize transferable?
The price is not transferable from the Winner to another entity. Q15. Is the Prize convertible to another currency?
The prize is both in cash and in kind. The cash portion is in Naira (NGN). It is not convertible to another currency.
Q16. Can one individual make a submission?
Yes, an individual can make a submission.
Q17. How will patent applications be considered or dealt with, for any Submissions?
Applicants retain title and full ownership to their intellectual property like patent.
Q18. Can you clarify the eligibility with regards to the legal age limit?
The person signing the funding agreement with Jaiz must have reached the minimum legal age of 18. In the case of a team application where the team members are under the legal age, they will need a lead applicant that is a major (at least 18 years).
Q19. How do I know if my application is progressing in the Challenge?
Due to volume of applications anticipated, only shortlisted applicants will be contacted. If no feedback is received from us after the application deadline, it means your application is not progressing to the next round.
Q20. Is it compulsory to submit two projects, one on the “Fight against Covid-19” and the second on “Post-pandemic rapid economic sustainability”?
No, one project is acceptable. But while submission of two projects/solutions is not compulsory, the chances of success will be enhanced with solutions on both sides (“Fight against Covid-19” and “Post- pandemic economic sustainability”) if overall entries get highly competitive.


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